Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Andres and Ursula Delos Reyes Lacanlale

(Ria's father Andres Sumang Lacanlale and mother Ursula 'Sally' Villanueva (Delos Reyes) Lacanlale)

Anton and Susanna Schwartz Tibesar

(Marc's paternal great grandfather Antoine 'Anton' Tibesar and great grandmother Susanna (Schwartz) Tibesar)
Antoine Anton Tibesar circa 1916

Carl and Jane Parks Myers

(Marc's maternal aunt Jane Irene (Parks) Myers and Carl Leslie Myers)

Chester and Elizabeth Cowan Parks

(Marc's maternal grandfather Chester 'Chet' Lowell Parks and grandmother Elizabeth 'Dolly' Nesbit (Cowan) Parks)

Gregorio Gaviola Delos Reyes

(Ria's maternal grandfather Gregorio Gaviola Delos Reyes)
Gregorio Gaviola Delos Reyes

Gregory 'Glen' Lacanlale Tibesar

(Marc's stepson)

Jack Lacanlale Tibesar

(Marc's son)

Jason and Rachael Marie Kelly Tibesar

(Marc's youngest son Jason Lacanlale Tibesar and daugher in-law Rachael Marie (Kelly) Tibesar

Marcus and Gregoria Lacanlale Tibesar

(Marcus 'Marc' Lowell Tibesar and Gregoria 'Ria' Delos Reyes (Lacanlale) Tibesar)

Peter Benedict Tibesar

(Marc's father in name only)

Pierre 'Peter' and Catherine Krauser Tibesar

(Marc's paternal great great grandfather Pierre Tibesar and great great grandmother Catherine Krauser Tibesar
Pierre and Catherine Krauser Tibesar circa 1873 18761