My Shipmates

I had a very successful career in the military because of my wife, my sons, and my shipmates. Below is an incomplete list, in my duty station order, of those fellow Sailors and Officers who supported me, trained me, mentored me, and served with me in the United States Navy. I salute and thank all of my shipmates!

US Navy Recruit Training Center (RTC) San Diego

  • EMC L. J. James (Company Commander 74-028)

Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger (CV-61)

  • DP2 John Whitehill (S-7 Division Leading Petty Officer)
  • DP3 Guymond Louie (S-7 Division Computer Operator)
  • DPSN Castaneda (S-7 Division Keypunch Operator)
  • DPSN Scott ‘Phil’ Phillips (S-7 Division Keypunch Operator)

Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippines, Data Processing Services Center (DPSC)

  • DPC Miller (Leading Chief Petty Officer)
  • DP1 David Lamberth (Leading Petty Officer)
  • DP2 Charles ‘Chuck’ Thomas (Computer Operator)

Service School Command (SERVSCOLCOM) San Diego, Data Processing Technician School

  • DPC Buckley ( Leading Chief Petty Officer)

Repair Ship USS Jason (AR-8)

  • DPC Gaor (S-7 Division CPO)
  • DPC Dennis Hoover (S-7 Division Officer and my Chief Petty Officer initiation sponsor)
  • DP1 Stan Fisk (S-7 Division Leading Petty Officer)

Navy Management Systems Support Office (NAVMASSO) Detachment Pacific San Diego

  • LTJG Richard D. Monahan (Division Officer and my commissioning sponsor)
  • DPCM John Erickson (Leading Chief Petty Officer)
  • DP1 Debra L. Socorso (SNAP 1 Implementation Team Leader)

Nuclear Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

  • DPCS William J. Hayes (S-7 Division Leading Chief Petty Officer)
  • DP1 R. R. Atienza (S-7 Division Leading Petty Officer)
  • DP2 Harry E. Beasor, Jr. (S-7 Division Shift Supervisor)
  • DP2 J. M. Donahue (S-7 Division Shift Supervisor)
  • DP3 Elwood (S-7 Division Computer Operator)
  • DPSN Henry ‘Radar’ I. Eymann (S-7 Division Data Entry Operator & Yeoman)

Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity (SIMA) Charleston