Military Service Dates

After struggling to remain in college and wanting the GI Bill, I enlisted into the United States Navy at the Bozeman, Montana US Navy Recruiters office on December 12, 1973. At the time, I was a Junior attending Montana State University. I was also working full-time at the local Safeway grocery store.

After joining the Navy, I returned home for Christmas vacation and broke the news to my mother and stepfather. I was Mom’s youngest son, and she was worried that her baby was leaving home and going into the military during the Vietnam War. My twin brother, Vince, had already joined the Army as well. I flew out of the Billings airport, and I arrived at the US Navy Recruit Training Center San Diego (Bootcamp) on January 25, 1974.

BUPERS Statement of Service (Retirements)

Marcus Lowell Tibesar, LT, USN-Retired Bureau of Personnel (BUPERS) Retirement Statement of Service

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