Marcus Tibesar

Our websites

We have four websites located online at: This video introduces our websites.

Marc & Ria’s evening walk

Ria and I like to take short evening walks around our neighborhood once the sun sets. These routine walks are good for exercising and just talking and enjoying our community here in beautiful Southeastern Arizona.

Ria makes bilo bilo

Recently, Ria made bilo bilo (glutinous sweet rice balls) which is an important ingredient in the Filipino dessert named ginataang bilo bilo. Ginataang bilo bilo contains coconut milk, jackfruit, saba (baby bananas), purple yams, yellow yams, tapioca pearls, and white sugar.

20190416 Marcus Lowell Tibesar faithful companion Sammy always by his side Sierra Vista Arizona

We need some rain

I cut the grass today, and my backyard needs rain badly! It is monsoon season in Southeastern Arizona which means typical afternoon rains. However, this year the rain has been pretty scarce! So if anyone knows an effective rain dance please let me know!

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