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Asian Bistro in Benson Arizona

We stopped to each lunch at the Asian Bistro located next to the Safeway Store in Benson, Arizona today. The Chinese buffet was excellent.

In fact, the orange chicken was the best I’ve ever tasted. Typically, orange chicken is way too sweet and is surrounded by too much dough. The Asian Bistro orange chicken was not overly sweet, and it had just a dash of red chili flakes to give the dish a nice kick. The fried rice was very good too not being too wet nor too dry. Ria ordered hot tea and it was served hot and brewed to perfection. The restaurant was very clean and wasn’t cramped.

All in all, I’d give the Asian Bistro five out of five stars today. Nice job, and thank you!

20190714 Marcus & Gregoria Tibesar eat lunch at Asian Bistro, Benson, Arizona